World’s first cloud-based science laboratories within regulatory accreditation

Our technology opens new horizons in life sciences training

Remotely access and operate cloud-based, complex lab instruments both real and virtual, within regulatory accreditation. Whether you need real-world job skills in the life sciences industry, virtual centers around scientific instrumentation, or on-the-job training for candidates, VirtuPharma makes individual learning a breeze.
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Acquire relevant lab skills for your job by training in cloud-based virtual laboratories

VirtuPharma can help anyone become job-ready!

We combine services and offer a one-stop-shop for all types of instrumental lab training.

Access a human capital pool for pharmaceutical and highly-regulated industries

Receive training in virtual, regulated labs for industry validated roles.

Individual learning is a breeze with VirtuPharma!

Gain individual, virtual access to scientific instrumentations and your own complex instruments.

Use our instruments and learn practical lab skills not taught during Uni qualifications.

VirtuPharma offers a market platform that trains and connects top scientists in real-time

Benefit from real-time remote access to tricks and tips for lab job skills taught by the experts.

Our experts have years of experience of working with some of the well known companies across the globe.

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Our Products

Virtual Laboratory Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Analytical Lab
  • Pathology Lab
  • Diagnostic Lab
Cloud-based Real IoT Instruments
  • UV/Vis
Industry Validated Duties
  • QC Chemist
  • Lab Technician
  • Pathologist
  • HPLC Analyst
Interactive Training Platform
  • If you are a scientist, upload your videos or remotely use our instruments and teach to earn.
  • Upload your scientific papers to our Forum and promote your research.

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VirtuPharma is committed to providing quality education to all students and helping those in the medical science industries succeed. At VirtuPharma, we offer a competitive scholarship valued at $2000 to a female STEM student. Please send your resume and a letter of motivation to

Advisory Team

In collaboration with professors we aim to channel the best possible cloud-based job training environment in pharmaceutical and medical sciences.
Prof Paul Groundwater

Expertise in Medicinal Chemistry

Prof Philip Poronnik

Expertise in Science Pedagogy

What Experts Say

Dr Eric Owusu Sekyere
Senior Lecturer, Endeavour College of Natural Health, Sydney, Australia

"VirtuPhama helps students to get important practical skills on complex instruments, otherwise costly to obtain and maintain in a teaching lab. Each student gets individual access to an instrument via their platform and learns industry validated real-world lab skills. This really helps students to learn and retain their knowledge."

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