Cloud Science Training During Coronavirus Pandemic
Mar 13, 2020
Cloud Science Training During Coronavirus Pandemic

When the world was on the brink of ascending into the New Year, the Coronavirus infection was silently digging its claws in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Today, the virus has become a pandemic affecting the everyday lives of civilians all around the world. Initially, many of us did not correctly predict the magnitude of the situation concerning the spread of Coronavirus infection until the ramifications became frighteningly grave. Corona outbreak has caused a massive panic and disruption on the social and economic aspects of human life. Shortage of hygiene supplies, economic slumps, trade and travel restrictions, and avoidance of public gatherings are common issues associated with rising numbers of infected individuals.

The Disruption of Education System
One of the significant impacts and disruptions of Corona was posed on the education system. Many schools and universities have shut down to minimize the risk of rapid infection spread among children and students. At this stage of a pandemic, avoidance of public gathering is the most plausible method to reduce contamination. However, the disruption of educational activities around the world has caused around 300 million students to stay at home. Since no one can travel or go to universities and schools; and classes are canceled, which brought educational activities to a complete halt.

The Alternate Solution – Cloud Based Labs
The education sector around the world is experiencing the biggest crisis of all times. Therefore, the virus outbreak calls for alternative solutions to make up for the educational loss. This crisis validates the need of remote real training, and virtual cloud-based labs can help in this regard. Cloud-based labs are virtual learning platforms conducted over the internet for educational purposes that can closely simulate real lab instruments and settings. In such a miserable educational lockdown, Australian based virtual lab company called VirtuPharma is dedicated to efficiently fulfill the lag in the learning process by remote lab work and training conducted through cloud-based labs. VirtuPharma is the pioneering cloud-based lab platform that is patented and accredited to provide the following services

  • Interactive learning platform
  • Real-time training from virtual labs
  • Access to high quality instruments and simulated labs
  • Remote learning opportunities by experts

Distance Learning to Remedy the Situation

Rather than bringing the educational process to a blank stop due to limited travel and human interaction, the VirtuPharma cloud labs help in bringing the students and academicians up to speed by teaching and training through online medium. With no real culmination point of Coronavirus infection in sight, we believe that our cloud-based lab & teaching platforms at VirtuPharma are highly in demand at the moment to compensate for the consequential educational loss.

VirtuPharma: The Future Looks Bright
With cities shutting down and countries going under severe lockdown to stop the escalation of Coronavirus any further, the world is witnessing unprecedented disruption. The pandemic has brought the world education, economy & mobility to a halt affecting everyday lives. However, VirtuPharma provides a sustainable solution to recoup educational loss by establishing cloud-based teaching for students. So, don’t waste time, work remotely in virtual cloud-based labs with the best and complex instruments to keep the students in touch with academics and life sciences training.
It is up to us to bring a sense of normalcy among the students and stand a united front to keep the process of education and information exchange steady and unaffected. Therefore, the cloud-based virtual lab is a great alternative solution in such an unpredictable situation.

Author VirtuPharma
Published Mar 13, 2020
Last updated Mar 13, 2020