Remote learning; The Way to Move Forward During COVID-19
Mar 30, 2020
Remote learning; The Way to Move Forward During COVID-19

The pandemic has grown on a massive scale with up to 197 countries of the world reporting cases of COVID-19. In such unprecedented times, everything has become difficult. Apart from the disease outbreak and the loss of life, the virus has also disrupted all other walks of life as well. From normal day activities to businesses being shut down, it seems that the world had no idea what was coming their way and eventually we witnessed a lockdown globally. Even highly developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia have had difficulty in containing the losses from the virus up till now.

The Impact on Education Centres Worldwide

Schools, colleges and higher degree education across the world have been closed down temporarily to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, there were reports that these institutes would reopen around April 30, 2020 but due to a constant increase in the number of cases, they have been closed till the end of May.

This has enforced drastic changes in the educational sector as institutes are now beginning to move towards online teaching and training. The transition from physical learning to remote learning has not been frictionless up till now but it reflects positivity that it can certainly go along.

Employers have also been provided the opportunity to work from home. Large and medium scale organizations have recognized the importance of social distancing and are providing remote working opportunities to their employers. This is an important implication because if organizations were to shut down; it would have further added to the stress of individuals by becoming unemployed.

Our Contribution to COVID-19 Relief

VirtuPharma is wholeheartedly playing its part in providing relief to people over the COVID-19 pandemic. Our cloud based labs have virtual learning platforms for individuals who cannot meet physically but yearn for knowledge. These are fully interactive platforms where students can constantly interact and engage. Our experts who cannot teach face to face have joined us to teach virtually.

We have expertise in providing real time training through our virtual labs which is imperative in contemporary times. Similarly, our online platforms and learning services are highly important to those individuals whose learning has come to a halt during COVID-19.

Our Cloud PC2 Labs

VirtuPharma possess our own Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) Labs that are designed as a multifaceted research body. The aim is to aid scientists as they are able to progress with various scientific researches that involve dealing with highly infectious microorganisms.

Future implications

As the lockdown situations gets critical and countries continue to shut down whole cities, cloud-based learning through VirtuPharma creates the opportunity of remote learning in an effective and efficient manner. As we move forward, the experts predict how the COVID situation is only going to worsen before it gets better. Considering the situation, it is important that students recognize the opportunity in learning courses that are available online. Our virtual labs would continue to improve and enhance our services and focus on the elements that would help us combat future problems similar to COVID-19.


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Published Mar 30, 2020
Last updated Mar 30, 2020