The Future of Lab Work is Cloud-Based
Jun 17, 2020
The Future of Lab Work is Cloud-Based

The laboratory serves as the foundation and the hub of all the tools of research and experimentation. Without the proper data treatment and analysis done within an appropriate environment of the lab, all we will be left with is a hypothesis.

Investing in our laboratories and equipment can be quite costly for most of us. Perhaps we already have our laboratories but lack specialized equipment for a one-time task. We're going to discuss the solution to all these problems here.


Cloud-based Science Laboratories

Cloud-based science laboratories are the future of the field of science and technology. Cloud-based labs are similar in many ways to cloud-based storage, which you may be more familiar with. There are no physical components involved except for a good computer and internet connection. Everything else is hosted on the internet.


VirtuPharma is the world’s first cloud-based group of science laboratories. Never be limited by a lack of equipment again. VirtuPharma provides virtual cloud-based laboratory facilities and instruments that can be operated and accessed remotely.


For students, VirtuPharma provides the platform for necessary on-the-job training. Students are given access to virtual instruments that they may not have encountered before working with VirtuPharma. VirtuPharma also allows students to connect with top experts in their field and communicate with them in real-time.


If you’ve learned theoretical and technical skills in university, VirtuPharma helps students fill in the gaps in their practical skills and application.


VirtuaPharma also offer a network of verified laboratories for lease locally and internationally, via their VirtuMarket. The VirtuMarket can be explained in three easy steps:


  • Discover labs. Browse the full range of available labs from top experts. There is a lab for every need and budget.
  • Inquire regarding lab and equipment. You are given direct communication with the lab so that you can ask any questions.
  • Scheduling. The last step is to schedule the time and date for your analysis!


You can even share your lab expertise through VirtuMarket. Quickly lease your facilities to others when not in use.


Teaching With VirtuPharma

VirtuPharma makes teaching in a laboratory setting a breeze, thanks to their cloud-based labs. Engage your class through the life-like setting of a virtual lab. Your task as a teacher is to teach your students critical practical skills regarding complex lab instruments. VirtuPharma helps you do just that.


Obtaining and maintaining your teaching lab can be costly. VirtuPharma eliminates the cost hurdle. Each student is granted individual access to a laboratory instrument via their platform and learns real-world skills. Students retain information much better by doing a task, rather than reading about a task from a textbook.


Experience the future of pharmaceuticals and medical science hand-in-hand with VirtuPharma.



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Author By Jules Romero
Published Jun 17, 2020
Last updated Jun 17, 2020