How hard is it to find an internship in the pharmaceutical industry?
Mar 11, 2020
How hard is it to find an internship in the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmacy profession is known to assume a key role in medicinal services because of its position in guaranteeing that pharmaceuticals are effective, safe and used rationally. As a part of health care delivery system pharmacists are expected to be very well trained with the necessary aptitudes to adequately work in a multidisciplinary group so as to convey best patient.

The paradigm shift in pharmacy practice from drug-centered to patient-centered care, geared towards adding more value to the profession and better care for patients, making it imperative that pharmacists assume new roles and responsibilities. In order for graduate pharmacists to effectively perform their roles, it is essential to do proper training about the practical work. To get proper knowledge about their responsibilities, they have to prepare before starting work.

Internship is the way to start off a pharmacist career in industry in best possible way. But nowadays it become too hard to get internship in pharmaceutical industry. Because the industry is more focused on experienced person rather than a recent graduated intern.

Lack of knowledge about how you get an internship is also a major problem for graduate students. There are several ways to get internship and here we share some thoughts from our experts which may help graduate students to get internship in pharmaceutical industry.

First one is to start applying through your institutions where you are studying or through your supportive mentors. Secondly, please network with your institute’s seniors or alumni etc. Do projects (academic or personal) that are in or around your areas of interest. Fourth one is to attend in forums and discussions hosting pharmaceutical discussions. Fifth one is talk to company HR’s and ask them if they have any internships or funds or positions. Most important of all, please read and keep your eyes open to opportunities.

There are some key considerations before going for internship interviews or during your first day as an intern. Learn about the company, do your research, set goals, ask your supervisor questions, be professional, meet new people, know the dress code, bring a notebook and be enthusiastic etc.

Gaining experience in the industry is a dream for most of the students. It provides amazing group and individual experiences about a proper practice in pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays it is harder to get into one.

In fact, some of the experts in VirtuPharma are offering internships. Please get in touch with them for starting the intern journey. Our top experts will make it easier to get accepted, minimal costs and offer distance lab education.

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Published Mar 11, 2020
Last updated Mar 11, 2020